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  milf с большими сиськами
Posted by: mepthoto - Yesterday, 04:31 PM - Forum: General Off-Topic - No Replies

big tits big cock


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  Erorr on top
Posted by: Erorr - 07-08-2024, 06:54 PM - Forum: Videos - Replies (1)


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  Neons under the car
Posted by: Erorr - 07-06-2024, 09:04 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

أضف النيون أسفل السيارة للمتبرعين 
الرابط: https://dev.prineside.com/en/gtasa_samp_...q=neontube
ستكون فكرة جيدة 
فقط 3 ألوان أعتقد
ولكن يمكنك خلط الألوان للحصول على لون جديد

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  Add ! Lastseen
Posted by: Erorr - 07-06-2024, 09:00 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Add !lastseen (his/your name in game) I think it will be a good idea

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Posted by: Scav - 06-03-2024, 02:50 PM - Forum: Ban Appeals - No Replies

This is the format that is used for creating unban appeals. All questions must be filled so our staff team can investigate the scenario briefly.

Format is down below, this should be copied if a unban appeal is being made. 

1. Your in-game name: 
2. Duration of your punishment: 
3. Time & Date of the scenario: 
4. Details: 
5/ Conclusion / Any more information to provide: 


Please answer accordingly to the format, and follow the format while making an unban appeal else it will be automatically denied and after making an appeal, do not ask higher management ranks for the status, because we always occur an internal investigation about every appeal  or case.


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Posted by: WorkRate - 06-01-2024, 12:19 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

**Sophia Bot: Enhanced Verification and Notification System**

- **1. Verification System:**
  - **In-Game Verification Command:**
    - Players will use the command `/verify` in-game to initiate the verification process.
    - A unique code will be generated and provided to the player.
    - The player will then direct message (DM) this code to Sophia on Discord.
    - Upon receiving the correct code, Sophia will:
      - Unlock specific channels in the LCNR Discord server for the verified player.
      - Change the player’s Discord nickname to match their in-game name.
  - **Staff Utility Command:**
    - A command will be available for staff to check a player's verification status.
    - This command will confirm if a particular player is verified and present in the Discord server.

- **2. Punishment Notifications:**
  - When a player is punished in-game, Sophia will automatically send a DM to the player.
  - The DM will include details such as:
    - The reason for the punishment.
    - The duration of the punishment.
    - Any additional relevant information.

- **3. Donation Confirmation:**
  - Upon receiving a donation, Sophia will DM the player to confirm the receipt.
  - This DM will include details of the donation and any benefits or acknowledgments the player is entitled to.

- **4. Server Status Alerts:**
  - Sophia will monitor the server's status.
  - If the server becomes unresponsive, Sophia will send an alert to the staff team.
  - These alerts will ensure prompt action to resolve server issues and maintain smooth gameplay.

1. **Message Monitoring:**
- Sophia will monitor messages for blacklisted words before logging them in the Discord echo.

2. **Detection of Blacklisted Words:**
- If a blacklisted word is detected in a message, Sophia will:
- Log the occurrence for administrative review.
- Automatically warn the player responsible for the message.

3. **Player Warning:**
- The warning message sent to the player will include:
- Notification of the use of a blacklisted word.
- An explanation of the infraction.
- A reminder of community guidelines and rules.

By implementing this system, Sophia will help maintain a respectful and compliant community environment.

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Posted by: EPIC - 05-27-2024, 09:16 AM - Forum: Accepted Complaints - Replies (1)

1. Your in-game name:epic
2. Their in-game name:venom
3. When this incident took place, what was the time? 27/05/2024 2:42PM (IST)
4. Details:I just sent a message in discord echo and venom abused me for no reason (non- english)
5. Evidences, e.g (Videos/Screenshots):https://imgur.com/a/W8aL3oE
6. Any more information to provide regarding this case?: I am not his friend and he abused me for no reason several time and if continuing I will definitely report

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  Lok VS Err
Posted by: Dthang. - 05-27-2024, 08:35 AM - Forum: Gallery - Replies (4)

They going wrong

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Heart About ATM's
Posted by: Dthang. - 05-25-2024, 05:07 PM - Forum: Rejected Suggestions - Replies (5)

i guess we can add atms to deposit and withdrawal money and rob it Big Grin Heart

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  Car spawning bug
Posted by: WorkRate - 05-21-2024, 04:21 AM - Forum: Invalid Bugs - Replies (1)

Multiple cars can be parked at the same area
[Image: oTnCKHp.png]

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